Ten reasons for buying a new home

Caddon house type at Hydro Gardens development

Buying a new home is uniquely exciting and the attraction tends to last for a long time after you’ve moved in. New properties offer a variety of advantages over re-sale homes, from cost savings to peace of mind.

Irrespective of whether your dream home is a stylish apartment or a family villa, buying a brand new property brings many advantages…

  1. Cachet. There’s something universally appealing about moving into a new home and it’s bound to impress friends, colleagues and relatives. Updates on the progress of your forthcoming home will attract pangs of envy, as will details of the specifications you’ll be enjoying after collecting the keys.
  2. A new community. The shared excitement of moving into a new home creates an immediate sense of community among neighbours. New-build estates often have their own WhatsApp groups or Facebook pages, enabling neighbours to share their experiences, ask advice and get to know each other.
  3. A blank canvas to personalise. Cruden homes are usually sold with neutral finishes, which can be accentuated with bold furnishings or re-decorated once the plasterwork has dried out. You won’t need to strip off layers of dated wallpaper, sand down paint-splattered skirting boards or dig up overgrown flowerbeds after moving in.
  4. Kitchen appliance warranties. The cost of replacing a single kitchen appliance can be considerable, so it’s reassuring to know your white goods are all covered by manufacturer warranties. Because we install high-quality appliances (with cabinets and worktops to match), a Cruden kitchen ought to provide many years of service.
  5. En-suite bathrooms. Many Cruden properties feature en-suites adjoining the master bedroom, boosting convenience and practicality. An additional bathroom is particularly beneficial in the mornings, when everyone’s trying to get ready at the same time.
  6. Lower utility bills. Energy standards within the residential house building sector are improving all the time. Large double-glazed windows maximise solar gain, while the heat from energy-efficient boilers is retained by well-insulated walls and attics. Energy bills tend to be much lower than in older properties too.
  7. Safety. From carbon monoxide detectors to fire doors, new homes are built to enviable safety and security standards. Electrical sockets are linked to modern circuits with sophisticated fuse boxes, doors feature advanced locks to keep out unwanted visitors, and boilers will be fitted by certified engineers.
  8. No inherited problems. Homeowners are often creative when marketing their properties, strategically angling blinds to hide unappealing views, or baking bread to disguise a lingering smell of damp. New homes have no legacy issues caused by past faults, botched repairs or a historic lack of maintenance.
  9. The NHBC warranty. For the first ten years after a property is built, the National House-Building Council’s Buildmark warranty delivers peace of mind through covering the cost of repair for a number of structural and land issues.
  10. Peace of mind. There’s a great deal to be said for collecting your new house keys, unloading the removal van and simply getting on with life. New homes shouldn’t require significant expense or labour for many years, since everything from the roof slates to the electrical circuits will be modern and low-maintenance.


We wish you every happiness in your new Cruden home.


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