Keeping Your New Home Clutter-Free

Vision show home kitchen

Opening the front door of your brand new home and stepping inside for the first time is an unforgettable experience. Everything is brand new, spotlessly clean and effortlessly spacious. And providing you’re willing to keep clutter at bay, it’s possible to enjoy this new-home ambience long after the removal van has departed…

Any house will start to look messy and tired if too many items are on display. A clear kitchen worktop will retain a showhome feel for months, but that won’t be the case if it’s covered with mug trees, electrical appliances and plastic bowls of shrivelled fruit. The entrance hall will also be far more welcoming without piles of trainers, stacks of unread post and jackets spilling off a coat rack.

Most of us instinctively prefer clean and tidy interiors, which is why showhomes and houses on property TV shows tend to look minimalist. Even if you’re not a natural born tidier, simple steps and clever furniture choices can keep your home clutter-free for years to come, maintaining a minimalist new-build vibe…

Give everything a home

There’s rarely an excuse to leave things permanently lying out, even in busy areas like kitchens. Cruden kitchens feature plenty of cabinets as standard, and you can always add extra storage. It’ll be much harder to wipe down worktops covered in toastie makers and takeaway flyers, so designate particular cupboards for specific roles – crockery, jars and tins, saucepans, cookbooks. Continue this philosophy throughout the home by designating certain drawers or cupboards for paperwork, medicines, hats and scarves, etc. This ensures windowsills and tables are clutter-free, as well as making it much easier to find things.

Avoid glass furniture

Glass furniture can look lovely but it often lacks practicality. Exposed glass surfaces show up dust and fingerprints, but they also leave everything on public view. That’s a problem for TV stands and computer desks, where a dozen different wires could be visible behind bulky appliances. Solid furniture is far better at hiding cables and plug sockets, as well as providing storage for instruction manuals, controllers and related paraphernalia.

Keep floors clear

There are good reasons to avoid dumping things on the ground. Firstly, mounds of clutter provide a natural habitat for creepy-crawlies. Secondly, allergy-causing dust will quickly accumulate, since hoovering around piles of belongings is difficult. Piles of junk on the ground pose a trip hazard, as well as looking unsightly. And it’ll be far harder to find something if it’s buried underneath unrelated objects.

Fully utilise integral storage, or add your own

Cruden homes contain plenty of storage, from airing cupboards to integral wardrobes, but these storage solutions can be developed further. Exploit generous ceiling heights by assembling tall shelving units, and consider putting low-level drawer units beneath wardrobe hanging rails. Stow occasional-use items on shelves above the wardrobe rails (where they’re accessible but out of the way), and research hallway storage benches for shoes and bags. Lofts are easily floored, garages are ideal for wall-mounting shelves, and redundant space beneath bed frames can be filled with pull-out bedding/clothing containers. With a little ingenuity, discreet storage solutions are ready to be deployed throughout the home…

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