The Joys of Coastal Living

North Berwick beach

It’s over a hundred years since the music-hall song “I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside” was released, but its sentiments still ring true today. Even without any promenades or brass bands, the Scottish coast is still a glorious place to be. That’s especially true during a summer as good as the one we’ve just enjoyed, with thousands of inlanders flocking to ports and seaside towns every weekend.

Cruden Homes has always understood the joys of coastal living, which is why many of our current developments are located in close proximity to the sea. We have three developments in East Lothian alone, at Old Craighall near Edinburgh, the lovely village of Aberlady and at North Berwick, while numerous other Cruden Homes’ developments have been constructed within a mile or two of the Forth Estuary.

Once more unto the beach

So what makes people – and housebuilders – so enthusiastic about coastal regions? For a start, there’s the scenery. The A198 coast road offers spectacular views over Forth Estuary islands like Craigleith and The Lamb, with Fife and the North Sea providing an evocative backdrop. Unsurprisingly, golf courses line the roads between Eyemouth and Aberlady. The latter is the setting for our Meadowside development, with the neighbouring Scottish Ornithologists Club reflecting how coastal areas are often home to exotic wildlife.

There’s something very soothing about sheltered coastal environments. Lacking the choppy waters and swirling winds associated with oceans, estuaries like the Forth provide dramatic outlooks without dramatic weather. The golden sands wrapping around North Berwick are hugely popular among tourists, yet local residents only need to stroll down Marine Parade or Beach Road to enjoy them. Out of season, it’s possible to enjoy total solitude while walking the dog, or going for a run along the water’s edge.

Choose life

Numerous reports and surveys have made a connection between coastal environments and a better quality of life. A landmark report by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health used UK census data to show health levels increase the closer to the coast people live. As well as reduced stress levels, picturesque surroundings encourage us to spend extra time outdoors, where we’re likely to exercise more. Why stay inside when you can enjoy four seasons of weather in a single afternoon, while gardening or cleaning the car?

Nor is coastal living as expensive as many people assume. By definition, seaside towns and villages are situated away from major cities, where prices tend to be highest. Musselburgh (near Old Craighall) and North Berwick are relatively unusual in having train stations transporting residents into Edinburgh Waverley. Even though village life isn’t for everyone, we believe a coastal town within 25 miles of a major city represents the best of both worlds.

And judging by the interest in our East Lothian developments, it seems the house-buying public agrees…

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