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Cruden - Our Warranty

Customer care after completion

When completion day finally comes around and you start moving into your new home, there’s still some important admin to remember to do. One month after the day of completion you should complete our Customer Service Record Form and return it to us within the required timescale. This lets us know about any new or outstanding issues with your new home that need to be solved. You’ll then be contacted directly by one of our site representatives, who’ll make arrangements for the works to be completed. Please note, if you don’t submit a Customer Service Record Form, we’ll assume there aren’t any issues to report. 

If any new problems arise after you have completed and returned your Customer Service Record Form, please tell us about them in writing or by email to Cruden Homes. Or, you can give us a call and speak to us directly. 

If within the 2-year defect liability period, you are unhappy with the way we’ve handled something, please contact your warranty provider and they’ll help you resolve your dispute. For any technical matters, they will arrange a meeting. For non-technical matters, and under the terms of the Consumer Code for Homebuilders, they may refer you to an independent dispute resolution scheme. If this is necessary you will be provided with the adjudication scheme rules and an application form. Please contact your warranty provider for further details of this service.


All Cruden homes are covered by a warranty. If the National House Building Council (NHBC) is the warranty provider, the cover is known as Buildmark. This is a 10-year warranty and details of the cover will be provided to you by both your sales advisor and solicitor.