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Amtico flooring in Metropolitan

There’s a bewildering choice of flooring options nowadays. Wool or man-made, plain or patterned, wood or vinyl… we know it can be confusing. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Kristoffersen Carpets and Flooring – one of Scotland’s foremost independent suppliers. They’ve even created special ranges just for Cruden Homes. And they know how important these finishing touches are when you’re creating your perfect home.

Carpets fit for a king

Sometimes there’s no substitute for a bit of carpet luxury. Recently, there have been a lot more deep pile carpets available. Sinking your feet into a long pile carpet can be a wonderful feeling. And if you’re worried you’re only one glass of red wine away from disaster, bleach-cleanable polypropylene materials let you treat stains instantly – without having to worry about taking the colour out.

Luxury vinyl

New Amtico designs like pleat and parquet are amazingly sophisticated and practical, as well as looking a million dollars. Small pieces of vinyl tile are laid in a pattern that you can specify to make your floor individual and unique. This amazing product is suitable for any area of the home (including stairs), and you can work on your own designs at http://amtico.esignserver2.com/gallery.do This enables you to get a proper idea of what individual colours would look like in a larger area.

Wood you believe it

We asked Norrie Kristoffersen of Kristoffersen Carpets for his thoughts on wooden flooring. “The trend in recent years has been towards single planks with bevelled edges in an engineered board,” he says. “Rather than three strip boards, single planks mean a single piece of wood is used in the making of each board. This is a wider plank and usually costs a little more, since it’s not made from smaller offcuts. The bevelled edge on the boards refers to a little slope at the edge which makes each plank stand out, and gives the floor extra definition. Engineered boards are manufactured in layers to make the wood more stable and less likely to lose its shape. All these features make for a fantastic product that’s going to enhance the finish of any area of your home.”

Earn your stripes

If you’re feeling adventurous, stripes represent another way to inject character into your flooring. Customers are increasingly using striped patterns as a feature on staircases, while having a contrasting or matching plain style on the hallway and landing.

Norrie concluded: “Whatever you want to put on your floors, you can be sure we’ve got it covered”

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