Desirable kitchen gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets

In recent decades, kitchens have evolved from an architectural afterthought to become the centre of the home. Growing prosperity throughout the 1990s coincided with the burgeoning popularity of both property TV shows and celebrity chefs. A nation which had once prided itself on home-cooked meals awoke from the spell of oven and microwave meals, rediscovering its love of dinner parties and shared mealtimes.

The resurgence in open-plan living throughout the 21st century has also helped to reposition kitchens at the heart of our homes. As a result, we spend a lot more time surrounded by white goods and appliances – listening to them, using them, and even showing them off to visitors. Desirable kitchen gadgets have become a way of demonstrating everything from affluence and taste to our mastery of food preparation and cooking techniques.

Today, there are loads of white goods and gadgets which satisfy the famous textile designer, William Morris adage that anything in your house should either be useful or beautiful – and ideally both. And while your kitchen may not be large enough to accommodate a clothes drying cabinet or a range cooker, you can still make optimal use of available space.

From appliances to accessories, these are some of the most desirable kitchen gadgets (in our opinion)…

White goods

Cruden Homes offer quality integrated appliances as standard, providing years of worry-free operation. A dishwasher is advisable if you regularly cook from scratch or entertain guests, while gas hobs deliver the ultimate in controllable heat. Larger kitchens may have space for a wine fridge, storing reds and whites at different temperatures. For wow-factor, consider investing in a magnetic induction hob, a retractable extractor hood or an American-style fridge freezer – though fully integrated fridge freezers remain highly desirable.

Smaller appliances

An essential component of many modern kitchens is a coffee machine, as British tea gives way to Italian lattes and espressos. A number of manufacturers produce machines which take either beans or aluminium capsules and deliver hot, frothy coffee within seconds. Coffee machines are ideal for displaying alongside matching kettle/toaster sets, typically finished in scarlet or cream hues. Less stylish appliances like food processors and toastie machines tend to get relegated to cupboards, despite offering some compelling advantages.


Light is crucial in any kitchen, helping you to work efficiently and maximise hygiene. You’ll find under-unit lighting in many Cruden Homes’ kitchens, while voice-activated lighting is achievable thanks to broadband and smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

You could even install a powered roller blind, as kitchen windows are often hard to reach beyond worktops. An over-sink chopping board is a space-saving marvel capable of hiding a waste disposal unit out of sight – you’ll never have to scrape food waste out of the plughole again.


Your imagination and budget provide the only limits in a world containing £2,000 carbon fibre taps with joystick controllers. However, we’d save the money and recommend a bendy swan tap for effortless sink cleaning, or a tap which provides boiling water at the touch of a button. Similarly, don’t be tempted to splash out £250 on a citrus press when an equally practical one costs a quarter as much. Magnetic knife racks, Raclette cheese cookers, electric tin openers and automated pan stirrers will all impress visitors and provide user satisfaction on a budget.

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