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Lynsey Jackson, Cruden Homes (East) sales manager

Cruden Homes’ Sales Manager Lynsey Jackson, discusses her 15-year property journey, and why every day brings new surprises!

“I have always been interested in property. Even as a teenager, I would read the ESPC newspaper for fun. I was always visiting properties that required work, with my father and it was a common interest we shared.  When I was 25, I made £30,000 renovating my first flat, and that’s when I realised property developing was both profitable and something I was good at. It felt effortless, because I found it so enjoyable.

“Five years later, I took part in a Channel 5 programme called ‘How to be a Property Developer’. A friend and I had to buy and sell properties in a year for maximum profit and we made £100,000.  In 2008, we started our own company and renovated our first property, but the recession changed things and I needed to take a job to fund the remaining work. That’s when I became involved in selling new homes. I spent six years as a sales advisor before becoming a Sales Manager with Cruden Homes in September 2014.

“There are so many areas of this job which excite me. I love learning about the technical aspects of each development from the site manager and dealing with customers from their first enquiry through to the day they get their keys. As a Sales Manager, there are no two days the same. There’s never a day where I go home at night and haven’t learned something new! I look after a team of sales advisors who work on very different developments and having been a sales advisor myself for many years, I’m in a good position to look after them.

“The sense of excitement when we secure a sale has never changed since I started working in property. It’s in my blood to feel over the moon each time we achieve a sale on any of our sites.  The downside of this is when we have a quiet week, but it’s important to stay focused. My role is to motivate and encourage the team to excel, achieving their personal and monthly targets, and to make it as straightforward and enjoyable an experience as possible.

“My job involves speaking to everyone from sales advisors to selling agents, flooring contractors to bathroom specialists as well as many other trades people. I regularly visit each of our developments to look at presentation and signage and review any additions or enhancements we need to make in our sales areas as the build progresses. I enjoy visiting our competitors to see what other developers are doing in their sales centres and showhomes. I love the planning and preparation of our sales centres, working closely with the designers to achieve a professional and welcoming space when we are planning a new site launch. I always feel inspired when a new showhome launches and the end result makes the hard work worthwhile.  Cruden Homes are well known for not building ‘run of the mill’ standard house types, which makes my job interesting studying the different layouts and picking my favourite house type!

“I love my job, and I’m grateful to spend my working life doing something that genuinely interests me. I have a great team of experts in their respective fields working with me, helping me to grow and learn more every day. I am so confident in the Cruden Homes’ brand that I snapped up one of our properties at our recent Kirkliston development, which is easily one of the best property decisions I have ever made.”

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